Established in 1929, NEM Energy Group stands as a prominent OEM in heat transfer technology and exhaust solutions

Enecogen by night

Two NEM HRSGs at Enecogen power plant in the Netherlands

Frits, can you provide an overview of the daily activities of the HRSG Services Division at NEM Energy Group?

“Absolutely. Our Aftermarket Service division is dedicated to meeting the current needs of our valued customers worldwide. Recently, we successfully delivered various critical components, including Superheater and Evaporator harps, a new Steam drum, and upgraded internals for existing Steam drums. One notable project involved a Feed Study to address carryover issues, and we were honored to be awarded the execution of this project. Our focus is not only on new installations but also on comprehensive services like inspections, engineering studies, consultancy, long-term service agreements, spare parts, and warranty claims. We support our customers with strategic operations of their power plants.”

Frits Engelage

Can you elaborate on the HRSG inspection and inspection engineering services that NEM provides?

“As an OEM, we leverage our expertise in HRSG and diverter units to develop tailored inspection regimes. Our philosophy centers around safeguarding the integrity of installations, utilizing both time-driven periodic inspections and risk-based driven inspections. We offer standard Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 HRSG inspections, which can be deployed standalone or sequentially throughout the operational lifetime. Our Long-term Inspection Program (LTIP) employs a risk-based inspection methodology, considering various degradation mechanisms. Beyond these, we conduct other inspections such as hanger inspections, thermographic inspections, flow accelerated corrosion plans, and specific plans related to HRSG, WHRU, and diverters.”

What engineering studies and consultancy services does NEM offer in the Aftermarket Service division?

“Our engineering services encompass a wide range of studies and investigations for both NEM-supplied and third-party HRSG and diverter units. This includes thermal calculations, lifetime assessments, dynamic simulations, flow modeling, and basic or detailed design for boiler modifications. We have in-house capabilities and proprietary tools to address diverse boiler-related topics.”

How does NEM approach (Long-term) HRSG Service Agreements and what benefits do they offer to customers?

“We believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers. Our Service Agreements involve a comprehensive overview of expected services for the following years, covering inspections, HRSG-related services, and spare parts. At the year’s end, actual services used are evaluated, providing customers with clear insights into expected HRSG maintenance costs. The added value includes a clear overview of costs, lower preventive and corrective service expenses, and improved long-term HRSG availability and performance.”

Looking ahead, how does NEM envision the future of HRSG services, especially in the context of changing conditions in Combined Cycle Power Plants?

“Combined Cycle Power Plants face evolving challenges, from changing fuels to shifting operating regimes. NEM is dedicated to supporting HRSG operators in adapting to these conditions throughout the installations’ lifetimes. We’ve developed innovative solutions like DrumPlus™ conversion for flexibility in operations, a Hydrogen-Ready design for the growing importance of hydrogen, and lifetime extension programs to unlock the full potential of power plants.”

Can you elaborate on NEM’s approach to addressing challenges related to the use of hydrogen in HRSGs?

“Hydrogen is a key player in the future power generation industry, and NEM is well-prepared to assist HRSG operators in transitioning to hydrogen usage. As NEM we support the roadmap from natural gas towards green fuels such as hydrogen to achieve environmental goals. For new-built HRSGs, we integrate Hydrogen-Ready designs, while for existing installations, we conduct thorough investigations to identify potential areas of concern. Our services support HRSG users on their hydrogen roadmap, ensuring a smooth shift to hydrogen firing in gas turbines or HRSG supplementary firing systems. We are the first supplier in the world who have received the Hydrogen Ready Certificate from TÜV SÜD.”

Lastly, how does NEM contribute to emission control in the context of evolving environmental regulations?

“Besides our role in reducing CO2 emissions, we also look at other emissions that impact the environment, such as nitrogen oxides. Environmental compliance is crucial, and NEM addresses this through Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) solutions. We offer SCR systems for both simple cycle gas turbines and combined cycle power plants to meet stringent emission limits. Our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and superior catalyst suppliers ensures a sustainable and cost-effective solution for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener future. Our team is ready to provide support in this vital aspect.”

This concludes our insightful conversation with Frits Engelage, shedding light on the diverse and forward-thinking services offered by NEM Energy Group in the realm of HRSG and boiler services.

For more details, download NEM’s HRSG services brochure here.