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Please read and follow these instructions carefully, doing so will ensure that the review and publication of your paper is as rapid and efficient as possible.

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The IJACMS digital library includes manuscripts, articles and research papers from the different areas of technology. IJACMS provides an immediate, barrier-free access to the full content of research articles without any subscription of the digital library of this journal.

The primary audience of this publication comprises academics, graduate students, practitioners and all others interested in computer applications research. The journal welcomes and encourages articles from both practitioners and academics.

The publication costs are covered by the author/author’s, Institution or Researchers. So, copyright of the articles will remain retain with the authors who publish the articles, though the published material is freely available to all interested online readers.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts, articles and research papers on

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No part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publication nor is under review by any other formal publication, the Submitted manuscript is interpreted as a statement of certification for the same. Any author/authors shall obtain proper permission, if using any copyrighted materials in the manuscript/article, prior to the submission of the manuscript to IJACMS. For the submission of Research Paper online, please refer to this link.


Please read and follow these instructions carefully, doing so will ensure that the review and publication of your paper is as rapid and efficient as possible. The Editors reserve the right to return manuscripts that are not prepared in accordance with these instructions.


Authors should submit Word (.doc) files or PDF (.pdf) files. Please contact us on for additional help with manuscript submission.

Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and, if accepted, it should not then be published elsewhere in the same form. It’s the responsibility of the author to obtain permission from copyright-holder’s, if any part of previously publish research paper is included in manuscript, prior to submission.

All contributions should be written in English with a brief abstract, a list of keywords and the author's mailing address. Authors are requested to put on the manuscript the mailing address to which the confirmation of acceptance and related documents should be sent.


Upon acceptance of an article, the author(s) is/are assumed to have transferred the copyright of the article to the publisher and required to submit Camera Ready copy of the research paper accordance to IJACMS template (refer to link). The first author of every published article will be provided with a free PDF of the published submission. These papers will be featured on the journal's website and readers can download them free of charge.


Upon receipt of accepted manuscripts from IJACMS, author(s) is/are assumed to transfer the copyright of the article to the publisher (refer to link).

Please note that submitting an article for publication means that you are the corresponding/submitting author and that IJACMS may retain your email address for the purpose of communicating with you about the article. You agree to notify IJACMS immediately if your details change.